Don't waste another minute stressing about walking your dog!

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Hey there, Dog Mum with the dog choking themselves on lead...
Stop Struggling, let me help you enjoy walking your best bud! So you can both have more fun!

Does this sound familiar?

it doesn't have to be like this.

You've had a hard day at work. And now you have to battle with your dog. You need a walk to clear your head, but you know it's not going to be the enjoyable experience you imagined when you got your dog as a puppy. 

You dreamed of amazing walks with your dog, but it's not how things turned out. And it's not your fault, I know you tried, but the cookie-cutter systems just don't work!

It's time to take back the joy of your walks! 

Your dog walks should be bonding moments, not battlegrounds. Yet, overexcitement, reactivity, and distractions turn a pleasant stroll into a nerve-wracking event. 

This could be you & your dog...

Imagine if every time you set foot outside for a walk with your furry companion, it was an absolute joy. No more pulling on the leash, no more lunging at every passing cat, and definitely no more embarrassing barking fits. 

 Your dog is calm, confident, and connected to you, making every step a serene and enjoyable experience. With our program Calm, Confident, & Connected Walks even if your canine friend is overexcited, reactive, or has a strong urge to chase every cat in the neighbourhood, you can transform your walks from a chaotic nightmare to a blissful bonding time. I'll show you how to work with your dog to find out what works for your team. Because every team is different.

Nice to Meet You!

I'm Luzelle the Dog Trainer

Like you, I got a dog to enjoy walks with. Except it was not how I had imagined. Despite trying every method, and even winning in obedience competitions, my dog still pulled on walks. Nothing worked.

Is that how you feel?

It wasn't until I learned the secrets I share in Calm, Confident, & Connected Walks that I could really enjoy walking my dogs. I've also tested it on hundreds of dog owners and it worked for them even if they learned online!

I want to see dogs and their humans being able to enjoy life together! I know how it feels to go from dreading walking my dog to enjoying walking my dog - it's the best feeling in the world! And I want you to experience it too!

How Most Owners Try to Fix Walking Issues

And why it doesn't work...

Some owners look for a magic gadget to fix their dog's behaviour: a harness, collar or head halter. Unfortunately, the problem is that the gadget is only as good as your understanding of how to use it! (Shhh... but once you learn to walk your dog correctly, most dogs don't need any gadgets!).

Other owners try to use food and toys, which just amp up the dog's excitement. And the training stops working as soon as the owner doesn't have these items on them, or it only works until the next exciting thing comes along. Why? Because simply, the dog thinks they only need to work while there's a reward on offer.

Again, other owners try ineffective training methods or even send their dog away for training, is this what you've tried? The problem is, many trainers use ineffective methods themselves, and most don't know how to properly explain what you need to do and why in order to help you be successful.

So what's the secret to

Calm, Confident, & Connected Walks
The biggest mistake most owners make is expecting their dog to understand what they want during a walk. 

Our dogs aren't mind readers or robots so we can't program them or expect them to know what we want without showing them! But there's more...

The secret to great walks is teaching your dog calmness (do you make better choices, when you're calm or stressed?) and confidence (do you make better choices when you're confident or worried?) as well as having a great bond with your dog, i.e. connection (who would you help out on Christmas day, your boss or your best friend?). Oh, and leash handling skills

Don't worry, I teach you all of this stuff in Calm, Confident, & Connected Walks! Because I know how amazing it feels to be able to enjoy an amazing stress-free walk with your dog - and I want that for you too!

to enjoy  their walks again, now it's your turn!

Of course, private lessons with a trainer are great, however, when they're $100+ each, and you don't have any follow up resources to help you remember what to do or how, it's a waste of money because as soon as the lesson is over, you've forgotten half of what you learned! Not only that, but it takes a good 6+ lessons just to cover the basics! 

What about group lessons you ask? Most dogs can't even cope with a new person, nevermind, a group of new people and dogs. And then we're expecting our poor stressed dogs to concentrate and learn something! Not to mention, we're stressed too (because what is our dog going to do to embarrass us?) Am I right?

Or you can send your dog away to a trainer for $3,000-$5,000 and it all fall apart as soon as your dog gets home, because you don't know what to do. Not only that, but you have no idea what they did to your dog during the training. We might think sending our dog away for training takes the work away from us, but just like we can't get someone else to do our push ups, so we can't get someone else to train our dog and expect it to last.  

I see so many owners struggle. Many of my clients come to me as a last resort after they had tried everything else and finally get success. Over 90% of clients who do our programs see success!

 We've had clients who have even sent their dogs to trainers, and still they couldn't enjoy walking their dogs. Only after these owners did my online program were they finally able enjoy walking their dogs! 

I wanted to provide an affordable, proven, and effective solution for owners, like you that's why I put together Calm, Confident, & Connected Walks!

What do our clients have to say...

These clients have all done our Online Programs!

Anna & Jinx
Luzelle's dog training has been amazing for our reactive & nervous Spitz. She has become way more confident on walks and we enjoying walking her without feeling stressed!
Jasmine & Elly
When I got Elly she was a nervous, scared dog who wouldn't even let me touch her! But now we are a strong team! She's confident and I have the skills I need. I can take her anywhere and not stress! Luzelle's program is easy to follow, fun and most importantly works!
Kaiah & Zuri
Zuri used to be a nightmare on walks, barking and pulling to the point where it felt unsafe to take her out for walks. But since working with Luzelle we're actually able to enjoy our walks!

Do you want results like this too?

Calm Confident & Connected Walks

What's Included in the Program?

12 Weeks of Core Training to make sure you have what you need $2,364 Value

Workbooks, & Cheat Sheets to help you keep track of your progress $55 Value

Facebook Group to ask questions and get feedback as you go $600 Value

BONUS: Leash Skills $1,188 Value

BONUS: Getting Your Dog Past Their Inner Monsters $2,376 Value

BONUS: The Secrets to Success $1,923 Value

Total Investment $8,506 

(Guided Program $9679)

Get it now for ONLY

3x $99


"if you fail to prepare you prepare to fail"
Part 1
The saying "start as you mean to go on" definitely applies. So I'll teach you how to set the tone for your walks so that both you and your dog can enjoy your walks together!
Part 2
How will your dog know what to do if you don't know what you want. We'll work out what you want and then go about teaching your dog what to do, and how to make sure they do it!
Part 3
Most problems come about because of a lack of confidence, either yours or your dog's. So here, we'll make sure that you and your dog have confidence and trust in each other!
Part 4
Before you can enjoy your walks you need to work on handling your dog through things that they want or want to get away from. So here, we're going to make sure you and your dog can work as a team!
Part 5
Practice makes perfect! We're going to practice correctly so that by the end of this program you and your dog will know exactly how to handle whatever life can throw at you, with grace & style!
Part 6
I'm not just teaching you the skills then throwing you in the deep end. I'm going to make sure that you and your dog have got all the puzzle pieces to Calm, Confident, & Connected Walks in the right place!

Our Great Walks Guarantee!

To help you make the most informed decision you can, we have a full 30 day money back guarantee - no questions asked. 

You have 2 choices... Both decisions are risk free, but only one of them will help you achieve your goal, so which risk free decision do you think will be more likely to get you to where you want to go in 4 weeks?

I wanted to make it so that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Oh... there's BONUSES!

Bonus Section #1

These Bonuses will help you during your first 4 weeks:

How to Handle your Leash for Better Walks (this one skill will make you not only look like a pro but this will give your dog confidence in you too!).

The Secrets to Get Your Dog to Walk Nicely (find out all my tips, tricks & hacks for success)

The Secret Sauce that makes Walks more Enjoyable (this is the one thing everyone fails to do and why their dogs misbehave on walks!)

This is Candi, a professional dog trainer, trained by us!

Bonus Section #2

These Bonuses will help you for the rest of the program (and beyond!)

How to get your dog past their inner monsters (learn to handle reactivity and excitement like a pro)

Get the Edge on Walks (I share my little known secret that I use to get my clients faster success)

How to problem solve (you'll learn exactly how to assess what went wrong so you can make the changes your team needs for success)

This is Jason, a professional dog walker, trained by us!

Frequently Asked Questions

    We've helped dogs as old as 14. So, yes, this will work for your dog too!
    This training has worked for all breeds, from Mastiffs to Malinois, from Great Danes to Poodle Mixes, from Golden Retrievers to Spitz's and even Rescues. This training has worked for all breeds including working dogs and pets.
    If you spend 30 minutes a day working with your dog, you will see amazing results. And this time can be split up too! You can even use the time you wait for the kettle to boil to practice! Ultimately, as with most things worth doing, you get out what you put in.
    Most of the clients we are able to help came to us as a last resort. The reason our training is so effective is because I've tested everything. I'm not going to tell you what everyone else tells you. But with that comes the challenge: are you prepared to try something different?

    I'm as committed to helping you find success as you are committed to helping your dog, so use the 12 weeks you have with me to your advantage.
    I'd rather you try the program for 30 days and decide it isn't for you, than not learn something that could make your and your dog's lives amazing. That's why there's a 30 day money back guarantee. Don't like it, I'll refund you, simple as that!

What's Included in Calm Confident & Connected Walks?

Self Study
$8,506 3x$99

12 Weeks of step-by-step guidance & support to help you be successful!

Videos, workbooks, cheat sheets to shortcut your success! 

Try it for 30 days, don't like it? No questions asked Full Money Back Guarantee!

$9,679 $599

12 Weeks of step-by-step guidance & support to help you be successful!

Videos, workbooks, cheat sheets to shortcut your success!

Try it for 30 days, don't like it? No questions asked Full Money Back Guarantee!

Weekly Zoom calls & a Facebook Group for extra support and accountability

(The current round is in session, you'll get an opportunity to upgrade when the next round starts - but don't let that stop you from getting the help you need right now!)

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