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Good Dogs Have More Fun!

Training your dog doesn't need to be difficult! Learn my tried and tested strategies for teaching your

dog to be calm, happy and obedient! 

Because Life is Just Better with an Obedient Dog! 

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Train Smarter will transform the way you train your dog! You'll learn some fun ways to make sure your dog can take the skills from The Dog Training Lab to the stratosphere... ok, maybe not the stratosphere, but it'll definitely help you & your dog achieve next level results!

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EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS on all our other programs!
As a member of The Dog Training Lab, you get exclusive savings on all the trainings we offer!

Chances to win PRIZES
Yes, we have monthly prizes! Because, I want you to succeed, so if you need the opportunity to win a prize to help you train your dog, then prizes there will be!

Exclusive Events
As a member of The Dog Training Lab, you get to participate in our exclusive events to enhance your relationship with your dog! Because ultimately, I put The Dog Training Lab together to help you and your dog shine. Don't worry, these events will be fun for dogs and owners of all ages and abilities!

Good Dogs are Made not born!

I see so many owners struggle with their dogs. If you're struggling with your dog, then read on...

I've had so many dog owners come to me after trying other trainers and training. 

Yes, even Veterinary Behaviourists couldn't help some of the clients we've helped!

Imagine feeling relieved because you have easy solutions that will actually help your dog become calmer, happier and more obedient! Oh and it's fun and easy too!

It's not too good to be true...


The Dog Training Lab

Get your hands on our amazing games that not only teach your dog to be more obedient but also helps your dog be calmer and will help you feel less stressed!

Not only are these trainings fun, but they're effective too!

These games used to be exclusively available to our Manners Academy students - and you could only join our Manners Academy for $997... 

but now, you can get these games for ONLY $39.99 $19.99/month for a very limited time! Yup, for the price of a coffee a week you get access to an amazing library of information!

The Training:


Your EXCLUSIVE personalised Success Path! Yes, start with what you need, straight away!

Help! I Don't Know Where to Start!

Games and trainings to start your dog off on being calmer, happier & more obedient!

Help! My Dog is Too Excited!

Exercise your dog's body and mind while teaching them to be calm! Because a calm dog is a happy dog!

Help! How Can I Help My Dog Love the Vet!

All dogs need to go to the vet! You can make these less stressful and these trainings won't JUST help you with the vet! 

Help! What are some Fun & Useful Tricks? 

Looking for ways to show off how good your dog really is? Or even become Instafamous!

Help! My dog is being naughty!

Easy solutions for common naughty behaviours so you can stop pulling your hair out!

Did Someone Say Goodies?

Bonus 1: Monthly Challenge
Life can get busy, so I've created a Monthly Challenge so that you can focus on the "the if you only have time to teach your dog ONE thing, THIS is the thing to teach your dog."

Bonus 2: Shortcuts & Cheats
The hidden gem in The Dog Training Lab where you'll find so many tips and tricks that will make your life with your dog so much easier!

Bonus 3: The Good Dog Vault Podcast
An exclusive podcast to share more tips and shortcuts with you! Ideal for busy dog owners to make sure you and your dog can succeed!
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